Useful Links

Useful Links

Since Google isn’t trying to be a search engine anymore, I have put together a link to sites that I have found useful for my hobbies. All shipping experience discussed below is based on US to US shipping.

Book Binding

  • DAS Bookbinding – YouTube channel that has accessible projects that are based historical research.
  • Colophon Book Arts – My favorite source for linen thread, and other book binding supplies.
  • Church Paper – They have a page focused on getting book binders short grain paper. They also have reasonable shipping charges.
  • The Paper Mill Store – They have a large supply of paper and some short grain. Their shipping is a bit expensive, so I only order when I have a large order that has free shipping.
  • Talas – They have everything for book binding. I have ordered when I need to, but their shipping costs are high which limits how often I order.

Leather Work

  • Weaver Leather Supply – I have just started ordering from them. I will update as I learn more.
  • Buckleguy – I have ordered some leather from them that was nice, and shipped pretty quick.

Wood Working

  • Woodworkers Source – I have ordered several sets of lumber from them. I mostly get 3 to 6 boards at a time. I typically get shorter boards like in the 3 to 4 foot length. Basically for smaller projects. Not too bad shipping costs, and lumber is reasonably priced.