An Adventure Journal for Four Against Darkness

An Adventure Journal for Four Against Darkness

I am very pleased with how my adventure journal for Four Against Darkness turned out. It is printed on short grain Mohawk Superfine Eggshell paper. The cover is 80lb card stock.

I used artwork by Emiel Boven to show a party of adventurers. The body of the journal is based on the excellent layout work posted on the Four Against Darkness page by Mike Keller (madmak72) on

I have added a pocket in the front of the booklet to store character cards for the current adventure. The pocket is another piece of 80lb card stock folded and glued on.

The character cards are 4″x5″ in size and should hold most of the information needed to track the character. The back of the character card is formatted for notes.

Each page can track 6 monster encounters.

In the back of the journal the various Map Corridors and Rooms options are available. The last page has the various options for entrance rooms.

The back pocket is for storing the current map that the characters are exploring.

On the back I credit the artwork by Emiel Boven, and the design work by Mike Keller.

Can’t wait to test the journal out to see how usable it is for playing.

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