2D6 Dungeon Printing

2D6 Dungeon Printing

2D6 Dungeon is a solo dungeon crawl table top role playing game. I purchased it off of itch.io (https://d-r-games.itch.io/2d6dungeon). There are two books; the Core Rules, and the Tables Codex. I am currently focused on learning more about book binding. TTRPGs are a great choice for book binding as there are so many titles available and they are available in PDF formats.

On this print out, I wanted to create a final product that was as close to the published images as possible. Bearing in mind that I haven’t seen a physical copy other than in images.

The books were printed on long grain 70 lb (104 GSM) Royal Sundance Natural Paper. The text block was printed with an ink jet printer. The covers were printed on short grain Sylvamo Accent Opaque Digital 80 lb (216 GSM) smooth cover card stock. The text blocks were bound with a double fan binding with the cover glued at the spine and around 7mm on front and back of block.

Entire 2D6 System

The cards were printed on one side on 67 lb (147 GSM) card stock. Each side was sealed with Krylon gloss fixative. The two sides were then glued together with Elmer’s adhesive spray. They were then cut to size with a knife and paper cutter.

Inside of the Core Rules

Core Rules Interior

Tables Codex Interior

Table Codex Interior

There are about 100 cards and the deck is about 2 inches thick. I am planning to build a custom box that will store the cards vertically. The cards came out very well, and have a nice amount of detail and color.

Card Details

I have to find time to actually play the game so that I can design a play journal for it. I am already on to printing and binding Four Against Darkness, so that will have to wait a bit.

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