Second try at Binding Glide

Second try at Binding Glide

I printed and bound a second version of the Glide Manuals. Glide is published by Sleepy Sasquatch and the manuals can be purchased from

These manuals are printed as 4 sheet sections. They are stitched with 18/3 linen thread. They have glued on card stock covers.

They now fit better into the leather binder. The leather binder is based on the designs from Make Supply.

It had to be made a bit larger to allow for the booklets to fit.

Leather binder opened with the three booklets.

Glide Core Rules.

With the new bindings the book is easier to hold open and will make usability easier.

It is time to fill up my adventure journal. I will make the Adventure Journal available after I finish play testing with it.

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