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  • Printrbot Upgrades

    Printrbot Simple Metal - Spool Hanger Upgrade

    I started having issues with the spools on my 3d printer getting stuck in the screws that hold it to the body. I was designing a part that I could print, and also found some on thingiverse, but realized that I could make a far simpler fix. I drilled a 3mm hole through the center of the metal support and then put a 3mm bolt and a few nuts on it to keep the spindle from rotating into the screws.



    I also recently broke the original Ubis 13 print head. I purchased the newer Ubis 13s head and have it installed. I still need to get the fan and shroud for it installed. The shroud is printed, and fan on order.

    Ubis 13s


  • Eclipse Images

    Eclipse Viewing in Guernsey Wyoming

    I spent the weekend of the 2017 Eclipse in Guernsey Wyoming. The Wyoming Parks system did an excellent job managing all of the people. We had wonderful weather and it ended up being an really memorable weekend.

    The most memorable part of the experience, and one that I wasn’t able to capture on camera, was the 360 degree sunset that the shadow provided. Beautiful in all directions.

    I shot with a Sony Alpha 1 and a Sony Alpha 57. The Alpha 1 was hand held. The Alpha 57 was mounted on a portable iOptron SmartEq Goto Mount.

    Partial Exclipse


    Totality on the Alpha 57


    Totality on the Alpha 100


    Ending Totality on a Sony Nex3

    This image was shot by my daughter on a Nex3


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